Life Sciences

From startups to established enterprises, we understand the financial and operational challenges specific to the life science industry. Outsource your accounting to MarathonCFO so you can focus on being the superhero the world needs.

Outsourced Accounting

How Can MarathonCFO Help You?

It’s not easy trying to cure the world. Whatever your specific challenges are, we assess your needs and can quickly design and implement practical accounting and business workflow solutions to save you time and money.

Super Lean Business Model

We know that small and lean does NOT equal lack of complexity. The finances of Life Science companies are TOO complex for a bookkeeper. Plus banks and other end users are much more comfortable with MarathonCFO CPAs and accounting services vs. a bookkeeper.

At MarathonCFO, we understand the nuances of your industry, including:

  • Handeling international vendors & customers
  • Multiple offices and locations
  • Complex revenue recognition and related billing practices
  • Interfacing with procurement departments of GIGANTIC multinational firms
  • Reporting for investors and stakeholders

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At Marathon, we help drive smart company growth by providing trusted, scalable finance and accounting outsourcing for businesses, large or small. 


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